Meet Lallo Managing Director Paula Milligan

“…Our Vision is to help connect employees “Personal Values” to that of the team and organisation – bridging the gap by not only looking at the individual personalities and behaviours but focusing on the space inbetween to form powerful relationships.  Ultimately to create positive change and extraordinary results with and through your people…”

Paula is a BA Honours graduate in Business Management from the University of Ulster, a certified coach and schooled in Leadership Development and Motivational Management philosophies in London – with specialisms in strategic sales and marketing, motivational management of people, positive psychology, self-leadership and personal development.

Paula is the Founder and Managing Director of the LALLO Ltd Consultancy business formed in 2011 and has successfully worked with over 70 clients across the UK, Europe, US and Middle Eastern markets in the field of Building a Culture of Trust in order to bring about positive change. LALLO has developed a unique range of hands on resources in the format of Communication & Relationship board games and Values card decks under the LIVE a life less ordinary brand to help organisations connect with their people to build trust, open real communication and increase performance.