“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker

Knowing what makes your people tick and leading using these insights builds the very foundation of a strong company culture. LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building Resource will help form relationships, change mind-sets and build bonds to promote a high performing team.

LIVE Scenarios

Change existing mind-sets of stagnating and disengaged teams
Taking time out to get to know your people as Individuals
To help stem high staff turnover within the organisation
Agree team values, purpose and vision that sets the ideal for how they work together
Aligned team members produce a sense of connectedness that leads to instant improvement and innovation
Assists with identifying, developing and retaining talent within teams
To help develop clarity of purpose and a deeper understanding of achieving team and company objectives
Team on team – monitoring team interaction and what behaviours are being played out is the only way to truly improve team dynamic
Recruitment, Induction, Team Building, Staff Development, Coaching & Mentoring, People Engagement
Helps create a non-threatening environment for clear communication
Remove barriers between Management and Staff
Provides a memorable and creative experience for people to truly communicate better than ever before


I have used LIVE A Life Less Ordinary to facilitate meaningful discussion in large and small groups of people from a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. Without exception, LIVE has been an outstanding tool that quickly engages all participants and provokes innovative thinking in a way that is unique, unusual and effective. I would recommend it to any organisation as on of the best relationship building tools that I have ever come across

Tanya Kennedy - Business In The Community NI

This is so much more than a game - it helps you to understand yourself and your own potential in life. I would suggest that everyone who can should partake in this Board Game. You will definitely learn to understand yourself and your contribution to others. I can't say enough about this product and the lasting and truly positive impression it has left for me and my clients

Deborah McCord – Chrysalis Consulting

As a facilitator of the ‘LIVE’ game the experience gets better each time I play it. I particularly love to watch people transition from being cautious and sometimes reluctant to becoming vibrant, funny and very interesting sharing their stories and life experiences. In my opinion it is the perfect communication tool to encourage people to become connected by building working relationships but also friendships

Jean Oakes - HR Manager - Belfast City Council

We used the LIVE game as a tool for network members to get to know each other better. I was delighted with how well it worked and the feedback has been really positive from all who participated. I was amazed at the insight I got into other colleagues in such a short space of time and it gave us lots of ideas to build on individuals’ skills and experiences in the future

Angela McHenry - Chair of Women's Network - Belfast City Council

I enjoyed the game and thought it was a good approach to team building. I know that people in my group were fully engaged and it was a nice way to learn about each other and have interesting conversations but not in a ‘standard ice breaker’ sort of way!

Callie Persic – Urban Development Officer - Belfast City Council

I have used the LIVE resources on a number of occasions with various audiences, and each time it has delivered excellent results.

It is a powerful and innovative engagement tool that provides great insights into the participants’ values, beliefs and experiences in a non-threatening and fun way. I have used it from team building exercises to getting to know you sessions and it has proved invaluable to me in getting difficult situations moving in a positive direction.

I have recommended LIVE to colleagues in my own and other organisations, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is considering the best way to actively engage with others

Norman Neill - Principal HR & OD Advisor - Belfast City Council