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Sinead Sharkey SteensonManaging Director, Generation Women

“Paula facilitated a group meeting for me using the LALLO game. Despite having over 15 years' experience in cultural transformation and team building I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. It is smart in design, fun, and breaks down barriers to support groups in a unique way. Using the game allows people to be open and share in a way that teams often struggle to achieve. I can't recommend it enough. It's not often you come across something so smart, effective, and deceptively simple. A worthwhile investment ”

Rodica BelibovOperations Manager, Harlow London

“…Paula is an ambitious, focused and highly motivated person. The quality of your services is the key element in facilitating people to achieve growth and great results. You have an extensive knowledge and the ability to listen and hone into the needs of your client business and marketplace. Always offering suggestions and tips for future improvements and innovation.”

Adrian MarksHead of Site, Interface Europe Ltd

“We approached LALLO after being recommended by another business. Working with LALLO and Paula has been an exceptional experience. Paula facilitated workshops with all our employees and the outcome has been that we have tapped into a wealth of knowledge and ideas from our-selves. This has created a new energy and drive. The results have been a more productive operation and more importantly better engaged employees.”

Sinead SharpeHR Director, Robinson Services Ltd

“We engaged the services of LALLO to help us roll out a cultural change project, driven by the in-troduction of our new Company values. Paula quickly grasped our needs and understood the im-portance of making a real, tangible change; from our senior management team to our departmental managers. Her advice and support were invaluable in enabling us to take effective steps to engage with the managers involved.”

Stephen WoodOperations Director, Robinsons Services Ltd

“As a group we were steered quickly to focus down on the areas we really wanted to improve. This in itself led to a moving "live" situation were some of what we believed we could improve on actually were superseded by other elements and goals. The session and further sessions were a pleasurable challenging experience providing lots of positive reinforcement with a clear framework of what were the next steps for improvement. As a result, I personally believe the current journey with Paula and the company is having a huge impact in a positive quantifiable way”.”

Sara WilsonHR Manager, Interface Europe Ltd

“I would encourage Companies who are aspiring to create a strong Culture or team ethos to contact Paula at LALLO. Regardless of the level of people within the business, I am confident that Paula will be able to improve your Culture, create positivity and stimulate employee engagement in your Company.”

Northern Ireland Civil ServiceWomens Network

“Oh my goodness, what can I say? You were amazing this morning. Such an incredible presentation and you engaged the audience completely! You were quite simply, inspirational and a real asset to our event. So many delegates stopped to say how impactful your presentation had been and how they felt uplifted. Thank you again for being part of our event.”