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We want to get people talking


We help organisations, teams and individuals to communicate better than ever before using a range of creative, stimulating and engaging resources.

There is simply no substitute to spending time together. Small talk builds bonds, as does sharing experiences and the stories that make up our lives.

There is a wealth of interconnected threads in every team or group that need time to be woven into the fabric that supports a truly high performance team.

To openly share ideas, or apply an idea or anecdote to your situation to produce a positive impact on your vision of the future.

To allow people to expand through the art of possibility and to remove those barriers that may be preventing us from producing extraordinary results. To allow real people to LIVE a life less ordinary.


“Knowing what makes your people tick and leading using these insights builds the very foundation of a strong company culture. The LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building resources will help form relationships, change mind-sets and build bonds to promote a high performing team.”


“For teachers, tutors and lecturers who want to make teaching and learning a more personal experience in order to build stronger and more collaborative relationships with their students. The LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building resource will allow for open, honest communication leading to self-discovery and a more active and successful engagement in learning. Knowing who you are and where you should go is a massive step for anyone.”


“For community and youth workers who are interested in exploring values and beliefs, in order to encourage positive social change within the community. The LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building resource will provide a platform for open, honest, in depth conversation in a relaxed, fun and engaging way.”

Our Story

Meet the LIVE team and learn more about the benefits of using the LIVE Communication & Team Building resource


"...I have used LIVE a Life Less Ordinary to facilitate meaningful discussion in large and small groups of people from a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. Without exception, LIVE has been an outstanding tool that quickly engages all participants and provokes innovative thinking in a way that is unique, unusual and effective. I would recommend it to any organisation as one of the best relationship building tools that I have come across..."

− Business In The Community - Tanya Kennedy

"...Anyone who is involved in Youth Work knows that one of the core values is Testing and Exploring Values and Beliefs. The LIVE resource promotes this value in an engaging way that is non-threatening and in no way patronising. I have used the LIVE resource while working with leaders in training as well as in residentials during relaxed items in our program, the LIVE resource is that adaptable. All our young people love to play the game and have been challenged by its content. The LIVE resource is an essential tool for anyone serious about doing Youth Work well..."

− Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church - Chris Wilson

"…The evaluation relating to the student engagement of the LIVE game provided some pleasing results as we did not expect students to find the game to be 'fun' and for so many of them to be 'comfortable'. One of the most satisfying results was to see that so many of them were encouraged to think about their strengths and weaknesses, personal goals, the importance of feedback and the idea of deferred satisfaction and reward. Overall this is a very positive result..."

− Northern Regional College – Irvine Abraham