The Gift of Relationships

Welcome to my first ever blog post!  It only seems right to go back to the very start of where this all began.   Let me set the scene, a begrudging teenager of 17, a haunted room in Ballygally Castle and a Lebanese fortune teller.   I was dragged along to make up the numbers, sporting an engagement ring that did not belong to me, to trick the trickster I was about to meet.  She never even acknowledged the ring and spoke words that day that are still with me 26 years later.

“You have a special card, you have the gift of relationships”  – the card showed a boy and girl with the sun shining on them – “All your life you will have strong and meaningful relationships, this will be the key to your happiness”

I guess she was right, I have always been intrigued by people.  Naturally curious and always interested in learning more about who they are and makes them tick.  I tend to zone in on what I like about them, their strengths and their potential.  Or as my husband says ” You just like everyone Paula”  Maybe everyone deserves a chance to be liked.  Are we too quick to put people in boxes and construct walls and reasons for why we can never get along.

“The Us and Them”

“The high earners and those just getting by”

” The people we trust and those we avoid”

” The city slickers and the people from the countryside”

” The religious on one side of the wall from the other”

” There are those we share something with and those we don’t”

Yet it is these common threads in life that we ALL share.  Our circumstances, our sense of humour, our habits, our passions, our background, our behaviours and experiences all cross over and interweave to allow us to build bridges and connection with each other.   I don’t believe in personality clashes, I think regardless of how different we may perceive each other there is always room to learn and understand how to get the best from another person.  It just takes a little time, effort and the ability to listen without judgement.

Hence the LALLO business was born in 2012, from a passion from within.  A set of hands on resources strangely enough in the format of cards and board games that would help facilitate the process of getting to know another person

To understand someone else’s  “Core Personal Values” and their “Gremlins” also known as limiting self beliefs is a fantastic and highly effective way to understand why people behave the way they do, what they need to bring out their best and to be aware of their worst and how to help manage this.  To build trust with each other.   This is the starting point of any great relationship.

“TRUST is the GLUE of life. It’s the MOST essential ingredient in effective COMMUNICATION.  It’s the foundational principle that HOLDS all RELATIONSHIPS. S Covey

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog. Speak soon Love P x

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Paula has an unceasing passion and interest in human potential and the workings of relationships. She is a dynamic and experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer in personal growth development. A visionary leader who inspires and supports others to be the best they can be and is the founder and Managiing Director of LALLO Ltd.