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LIVE a Life Less Ordinary introduces; Story Cards. Our ability to talk and communicate clearly, is best developed at a young age. This pack of 50 cards will enable children and young people to develop the skill and art of clear communication through simple story telling. Parents, grandparents, nursery school staff, teachers and speech and language therapists will find this resource useful, as it encourages creative, outside the box thinking.

To use the cards, simply select a card or two from the pack. A short story will be told, based on the images selected. The more advanced the child or young person becomes, the more cards you can introduce to the story.

Adults can also use the cards to inspire the telling of creative bedtime stories, or stories within a nursery school or school classroom setting.

You can start your imaginative story telling with the words “Once upon a time …” or “In a land, far, far away …”

Let the adventures begin!

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