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Knowing what your Core Values are is hugely important when it comes to making big decisions. The younger you are at establishing your Core Values the better.

These cards have been developed specifically for children in primary level education and for anyone interested in exploring Core Values for the first time.

To use the cards: Look through all 60 Values Cards, give careful consideration to each one – think about what they mean to YOU. Guidance and explanation should be given by a Teacher, Coach, Counsellor or Community Leader.

Sorter Cards – Most Important, Important, Quite Important & Least Important are included in this pack to help sort cards in importance to YOU. This is a hugely powerful exercise, as it provides clarity around your Most Important Core Values.

Other exercises can also be developed such as – Word Association: Selecting associated Values based on a singled out Values Card.

Another suggestion is to focus and discuss a different Values Card on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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