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This pack of cards contains 44 feelings, 22 Positive and 22 Negative. Each card contains a single feeling and a brief description. There are a number of creative ways to use these cards in a Work, Team, Coaching & Mentoring, Counselling or Classroom setting.

· Select 4 to 6 cards that communicate how you feel about a particular Work or Personal situation.

· Select 4 to 6 cards that communicate how others relate to your organisation.

· Select a card and describe a time in your life when you felt like that.

· Make a list of things that make you feel like one of the emotions shown on the cards.

· Put the cards in order from Most Happy to Most Unhappy.

· Create a facial expression that best communicates the feeling on the card.

For increased effect, use these Feelings Cards alongside the Personal Values Cards and Gremlin Cards.

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