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Core Values support the vision, help shape the culture and reflect what the company values. They are the essence of the company identity. Knowing your Core Values will provide both internal and external advantages to your business. This pack of Business Values Cards includes 5 creative Workshop ideas.

1. Identifying Core Business Values

Think about what they mean to YOU in your place of work.

Then place each card beside the relevant sorter cards.

Once all of the 50 cards have been placed, take the Most Important and Important piles and filter these down into your 10 most desirable cards.

These final 10 cards are your Core Business Values and can be used to provide focus and direction in your future goals and plans.

2. Leadership Values

Pick 5 cards which best represent your vision of what is important to you within your role.

As a leader, present and explain your selection to your team.

3. Team Values

Pick a number of cards which best illustrate your expectations of the team.

As a group, create a joint vision for the team. Openly discuss and share ideas.

4. Managing Change

Change is happening all the time and is therefore part of life. As an individual or a team, prior to a change initiative, identify a card which represents the state of the business now and another to show how you would like it to be in the future.

Ideally your personal and business Core Values will align – nothing “moves” people better than performing work activities that are linked to who they are as individuals. Why not check this out by using our Personal Values Cards.

5. Identifying Talent

Is your current talent management strategy fit for purpose?

Using these Business Values Cards alongside our Personal Values Cards can help identify potential talent quickly. Adding talent to your teams that is a Value fit for your organisation. Fast-tracking the recruitment phase is of great benefit to any business seeking to put the right people in the correct role.

Add value to these Workshop ideas by using our Business Insight Cards.

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