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Insight Cards to help your business reach a whole new level of people performance, engagement and professionalism.

This pack of Business Insight Cards includes 4 creative Workshop ideas. For full effect, it is recommended that you use these cards alongside the Business Values Cards.

1. Traits & Behaviours

Using the Business Values Cards select the top Business Values that you would like to see your organisation implement over the next 6 to 12 months. Discuss and feedback openly as a team.

Using these cards, identify the Traits and Behaviours that must be honoured to help you and your team LIVE out your Business Values.

2. 360° Feedback

This Workshop requires the use of the Ranking & Sorter cards provided.

Rank yourself and your team members from 0 to 10 in the areas of Communication and Leadership and seek feedback.

Unfiltered 360° feedback can breathe new life into your relationship and leadership style if you listen and act.

3. Don’t Distort; Sort

Sort the Business Insight Cards from Most Important to Least Important to you and the culture of your organisation and explain your choices.

What Traits and Behaviours would you like to see in place that would make a difference within your team? Discuss as a group.

4. Team Alignment

It’s all about mutual commitment between the company and employee, with the soul purpose of unlocking the employees potential to drive positive change.

Select the top Communication and Leadership Traits and Behaviours that allow Team Alignment to happen.

Put an Action plan in place to help implement and honour these Traits and Behaviours.

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