For teachers, tutors and lecturers who want to make teaching and learning a more personal experience in order to build stronger and more collaborative relationships with their students. The LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building resource will allow for open, honest communication leading to self-discovery and a more active and successful engagement in learning. Knowing who you are and where you should go is a massive step for anyone.

Communication & Team Building Scenarios

Focus for the Next Step – Careers and Life Advice
Remove barriers between Staff and Students
Create an Innovative and Stimulating Experience
One to One and Team Personal Development
Help create a Positive Environment for Clear Communication
Establish a different Learning Style for Students
Getting to know the Student as an Individual
Create a Lasting Impression
Provide Coaching and Mentoring for Staff and Students
Staff Development and Team Building
To help stem the flow of Students dropping out of School and / or College
Key to creating Effective Relationships based around Mutual Understanding


Well I have to say I really enjoyed playing the LIVE board game. It is a great way of getting to know yourself and others better. It also helps you realise what is important to you compared to what other people may find important. As well as that, it is a great way to see what you value in life. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, would be a game that I would recommend to others.

Rachel Macartney - Accountancy Student Queens University, Belfast

I used the game for two groups, the staff managing staff group, and the staff mentoring students group.

In both groups the benefits were immediate. Participants were not used to talking about themselves in the way the game demanded and so barriers were broken down very quickly. As a manager or mentor this initial stage is key to creating and establishing effective working relationships based on leadership and mutual understanding.

Communication skills would be developed as part of the game and the opportunity to gain useful personal knowledge obtained during a "game" is a really worthwhile experiment.

Roy Humphries - Lecturer / Northern Regional College