For community and youth workers who are interested in exploring values and beliefs, in order to encourage positive social change within the community. The LIVE a Life Less Ordinary Communication & Team Building resource will provide a platform for open, honest, in depth conversation in a relaxed, fun and engaging way.

LIVE Scenarios

Getting to know the Young Person or Adult as an Individual
Focus for the Next Step – Life Advice
Key to creating Effective Relationships based around Mutual Understanding
Giving Young People and Adults a Voice
Permitting Leaders to promote Core Values for others to follow
Remove barriers between Leaders and those within the Community
Allowing perspective to be gained beyond the norm
Leadership Development and Team Building
Establish a different Learning Style for Young People and Adults
One to One and Team Personal Development
Providing Opportunity for Vision to be Shared and Shaped
To help stem the flow of Young People dropping out of School and/or College
Allowing Attitudes and Behaviours to be Discussed and Positively Challenged
Provide Coaching and Mentoring for Young People and Adults


The aim of the Boys Brigade is to build Christian manliness and the LIVE Game provides a useful tool in the accomplishment of this aim. LIVE is an entertaining and engaging game which also challenges boys to think about themselves, their values and what it is all about. The LIVE game is a tool that balances education and entertainment in a way that boys find interesting and engaging but definitely not patronising or contrived. Those in our group who have played it want to play it again and again; and those who haven't yet cant wait to try! For me this is the highest compliment any game can be paid.

Chris Wilson - Whiteabbey Youth Ministry Co-Ordinator

I found the LIVE communication tool very refreshing. In a world where board games are in decline, this interactive game was very thought provoking. The entire focus of the game is on your thoughts and feelings. The board game element creates some friendly competition while the cards make you recall memories, tell stories or generally think in depth about certain things such as inspirational quotations. I really loved playing it in a group situation. It was a really fun, relaxing and tactful time.

Michael Wilson (17 years)

The LIVE resource allows people to come together and share experiences, beliefs, ideas and values in a safe, engaging manner. Whether it’s with old friends or new acquaintances, whether at home, at work or somewhere in between, this resource will promote discussion and conversation, challenging people to think outside the box about their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Jimmy Warburton - Whiteabbey Assistant Minister